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School Programs

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All students can also play an online Kahoot quiz! To access it, simply follow the instructions here.

Stage 1 (Years 1 & 2)

Past and Present Family Life

The main focus is to reveal and showcase to the children how individuals like Mr and Mrs Macarthur and their children as well as grandchildren lived their day to day lives. This stage essentially allows the children to make comparisons to their everyday life and allows them to gain a sense of understanding of how times and technology change. 

Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4)

First Contacts

The ultimate focus is to exhibit the lifestyle of individuals in the 19th century and how it differs to the lifestyle the children live today. This stage allows the children to see the similarities and differences between Aboriginal and early European lifestyles. It is supported by relevant objects depicting both lifestyles.


Stage 3 (Years 5 & 6)

Australian Colonies

This stage focuses on providing a study of colonial Australia in the 1800s. The main focus is on John Macarthur to allow the children to educate themselves and learn about his Family, Friends and Foes. The children will visit each room in Hambledon Cottage where they can meet and interview those who lived and worked with John Macarthur. The children will also be able to communicate with his wife, Elizabeth Macarthur, the girls’ governess Penelope Lucas, church minister and rival sheep breeder Reverend Samuel Marsden, architect and builder Henry Kitchen, Macarthur’s eldest son Edward and housemaid Mary.

They can determine for themselves the significance of the man who is accredited with founding the wool industry in Australia (or did he?).

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