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Next Meeting June 4th, 2022 at 1.30pm.

Topic. Talking Tombstones Four. Speaker Kerima-Gae Topp



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This meeting is cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused 
Sunday 29th May Talking Tombstones #6 by Kerima-Gae Topp
10.30-12.30 at Hambledon Cottage Coachhouse
With ‘Curiosity’ working overtime we have more stories from ‘beyond the grave’, including a connection with a legendary Australian sporting ‘hero’ to a gentleman who thought he was on a ship to Holland, but instead was heading to ‘New Holland’. We see a grave once visited by the famous Houdini, on his trip to Australia. Hear about a man who was the talk of the town but now lies in a pauper’s grave, a race car driver who met with a tragic end, two convicts who celebrated two Australian firsts and a couple of historic ‘gems’ in Australia’s oldest remaining cemetery. A look at symbolism plus some finely crafted Victorian era monuments which ask the question… “Are today’s machinemade headstones as unique and creative as those from years gone by?” We visit a Christchurch, New Zealand cemetery, devastated by the 2011 earthquake, to view the grave of a man whose name is very well known but most locals don’t know where he is buried

Cost per talk includes morning tea. Adults $15, Seniors $13.50. Topp Tours/Nat.Trust/PDHS members $12.50. Bookings 0428 284 275 Email topptours@bigpond.com

Parramatta Historical Society
If you are interested in history, the Parramatta and District Historical Society run a monthly meeting with guest speakers. Visit https://www.parramattahistorical.org.au/UpgradedMeetings.htm for more information.